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Different activities

Baron works in construction, maintenance and cleaning, so the work can vary from day to day. One day you are scheduled to dismantle an old interior and the next day you remove the blown off branches from a holiday park or you are transporting building materials with a number of colleagues. If, for example, you prefer green maintenance, we will try to take this into account in the planning.

Wanted: Cleaners who "Don't Talk, but Brush"

For our cleaning service we regularly look for ladies and gentlemen from the age of 18 with a driver's license. In a circle of 40km around Ermelo, Baron has several cleaning objects that need to be cleaned before or after office hours. Baron also takes care of the cleaning of houses and buildings on holiday parks. Ladies and gentlemen who are customer friendly, love cleaning and can do their work independently are welcome at Baron. Do you want to work together as a couple then that is of course also possible.

Wanted: Approachers who "Rather work full-time than sit on the couch at home".

Do you like physical work, working in a team, changing work locations and do you have perseverance and technical insight then we have a nice fulltime job for you! Part-time is also possible...but then full working days.

Wanted: Students who "don't chill endlessly but like to work hard on their future".

When you have to buffalo hard at work again, you probably think: what did I start? Most secondary school students and students don't mind working during the holidays at all, because the pleasant working atmosphere and gaining work experience makes up for a lot. Are you also a student who looks beyond your nose and prefers to work on your future?


If you want to come along for a day/week to see if you like it, then you are welcome! Please contact us via 0341-361552, 06-16121211 or

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If you want to come along for a day/week to see if you like it, then you are welcome!