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Baron Dienstverlening was started in 1997 by Bart van Rijn and Ronald Breen under the name Baron Groot Groen VOF. Baron quickly grew into a company with around 45 employees, with the emphasis on providing support services in the construction, greenery and cleaning sectors so that companies can use their own professionals to the maximum. Baron takes care of the 'simple handiwork' so that the 'expensive craftsman' can do what he / she is good at. We honor our chic company name by working hard because we work nobles.

The work of Baron mainly consists of transporting building material from the truck to the desired floor, assembling and dismantling office wall systems, installing sound insulation in offices, building delivery cleaning, interior care of offices and holiday homes. Because Baron has a great deal of knowledge of green management, that has always remained an important part of the work.

Adriaan den Engelsman and Daan van Gilse strengthen as administrator resp. planner staff and equipment the management team.

Baron is no-nonsense, just as enthusiastic as 22 years ago and does not easily avoid a challenge! The aim is to offer clients a lower cost price while maintaining the motto "Who pays for it!".

What does your work at Baron look like?

Baron works in construction, greenery and cleaning, which means that the work can vary per day. One day you are scheduled to dismantle an old interior, the next day you remove blown branches from a holiday park or you are transporting building material with a number of colleagues. For example, if you prefer green maintenance, we try to take this into account in the planning.

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What makes working at Baron so much fun?

Working nicely with your hands gives so much satisfaction to your day. You really feel that you are useful and you get paid for it too!

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All ages

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You should know how good it is to work on a result! At the end of the day, a smug smile remains on your face.

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Many pensioners are still very vital and don't have to think about spending whole days at home. Are you, are you also such an energetic person who would like to work 1 or more days a week?

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